Return of the competitive shopper

In the office, it is very evident winter is approaching as everybody slowly starts to shift their wardrobe and there’s an instant urge to purchase all things water resistant and fluffy.

My colleague who sits next to me is an aspiring saver, and constantly finds me reprimanding her for her spending habits, to protect her identity let call her Alice ūüėČ

After trying her hardest to hide from me that she went on a payday splurge on some lovely new boots from Dune, sure enough she was snitched on and I pulled her up on the £90 that seemed to be able to justified  by all around as a reasonable spend on footwear (£95 after some online investigation!).

The offending boot!


So anyone who knows me, knows that I am allergic to spending money, and just the thought of wearing ¬£90 boots would be enough to scare me off putting them on my feet for fear of them not lasting the 20 years I would expect something of that price to last. Having a cupboard full of boots from the sales last year, but needing a flat pair for work, I also went out to indulge myself, and purchased a less elaborate but functional pair for ¬£8. In fact, knowing full well that the jumpers I’ve been wearing for the last 5 years could do with retiring, I managed to get the following for just¬†over half the price of my colleagues boots:

  • 1 pair of black Chelsea boots, ¬£8 Primark
  • 1 Green knitted jumper with ladder detail ¬£5, Primark sale
  • 1 Cardigan jacket ¬£15, Primark¬†(even this one is expensive for me given where purchased it)
  • 2¬† identical Jumpers Grey & powder blue, H&M, ¬£12.99 Each
  • 2 pairs of earrings (Star hoops & chain dangle’s) ¬£1 & 50p, Primark¬†¬†

I know many of you brand lovers out there will launch into a justification about quality and how long things will last if you pay more. Let me just say, while with some items this may be true, I really do think you need to look at each item on its own merit. I have a trusty tribal knit Primark cardi,¬†much like the one I’m purchasing to replace it just exiting its 4th winter.

Now given I paid ¬£12 for it, I would say ¬£3 a years is¬†very good value. I would challenge someone who owned something similar from say, River Island, and would have paid about ¬£55 for the same style item to make it last 18 years – by which time you probably wouldn’t want it anyway.

Primark boot, £8



Needless to say, as her money saving mentor, I returned to the office the next day to brag about what I had managed to pick up for way under the price of ¬†‘the boots’. I received the usual reaction of ‘HOW?!‘. To me its simple, there is just no way I could justify spending close to ¬£100 on a pair of shoes no matter how much I loved them.

Yes, Alice’s¬†Dune boots may be lovely,¬†‘better quality’ and will ‘last longer’, but 11 years would be how much longer they would need to last for me not to buy the Primark boots 11 times over and still have spent less.

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