Wizzing off without Ryanair

IMG_1115.jpgPaying as little as I can for things is a big part of my life. I would go as far to say it’s not so much a choice but when I see something is more expensive than it needs to be,  a kind of internal anxiety sets in, and I’ll  do everything I can to avoid paying the higher price.

Now, when booking flights as a rule I would say the earlier you book them the cheaper they will be (with exception of my £2 flight to Denmark, but that really was a flash sale) This was the one and only occasion in which I would say delaying on booking a flight has saved me money, and it’s all in the fine print.

I had scouted online for somewhere interesting to go, and had my eye on Lake Bled in Slovenia.From the pictures it just looks stunning, so when booking a holiday my starting point is always flights. Once you know you’ve got a good flight deal then you can look into reasonable accommodation on the dates you travel between. I would stress you do this before you press book on the flights, as plenty of locations have cheap flights but are very expensive when you arrive.

Flights seemed easy to find with the budget airlines, I finally selected Wizzair as they came up on my Skyscanner search as the cheapest with decent flight times to maximise our stay. But there was one catch. Hand luggage. Ryanair has always been my go-to here, as they let you take a carry on case AND a personal bag, which trumps the likes of EasyJet.


Nearly every budget airline I know has a free cabin bag policy of at least 6kg, it turns out Wizzair did not. Adding this as an option can easily increase return flight prices by £40 minimum. On flights that were £40 return to start with, that’s double the price.

The nearest rival were offering flights for less than £80, but I didn’t want to pay that when I knew I could pay £40. I went to look at Wizzair’s baggage terms to see what I could get away with. After careful investigation I noticed their baggage policy was due to change in Oct 2017 to allow 1 free carry on, as the other airlines do. So, I delayed.

I’ll defiantly be considering them now as a plausible alternative to Ryanair, and by the looks of things at the moment if planning a trip to Eastern Europe, so should everyone else.

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