5 reasons you should be starting your Christmas shopping NOW!

I’ve already seen posts on Facebook about how ridiculous it is that the Oxford street Christmas lights have already been hung. And while I do agree Christmas shouldn’t start this early, your shopping definitely should.

I purchased my first present way back in August when we were still thinking about sunglasses and barbeques, and I have purchased as early as January for the following year before. There’s nothing wrong with storing it away in preparation. But, before you tell me I’m completely crazy, here’s 5 reasons you should consider doing the same:

  1. Spreading the Cost – We all know Christmas costs, and most people I know are left complaining away the entire month on January about how broke they are and how long it has been between pay cheques. This doesn’t have to be you! I can never remember having a ‘broke January’.
  2. Everything is in stock- We all have someone who is demanding, or difficult, or who wants the latest ‘thing’ , and the closer we get to the big day the harder it is to get your hands on it. This results in the two things I hate the most; wasted time & wasted money. If you shop now, you have time to compare pricing, and get it before it’s gone and you find yourself scrambling for other ideas. Plus, they know you’ll pay full what at Christmas, there’s a reason it’s half price after.
  3. End of season bargains- As we move from one season to another, a lot of stores hold end of season sales- and the trading period between end of summer and beginning of the Christmas rush is often a little slower which encourages retailers to put on deals to stimulate spending. Be a smart early bird and grab that worm!
  4. You’ll save time– Is trudging the streets in the cold and the rain, or sat inside scrolling for hours and fretting over delivery times really what you want to spend your late November/December evenings and weekends doing? Not only can you put this time to better use over the festive season, you’ll spend less time stressing over what you should get someone when you’ve left it to the last minute.
  5. December pay is for you!- YES, you read that correctly. December pay is for you. Not for paying off your credit card, not for all the presents you didn’t buy and now you have to on the 24th. It’s for you. There’s no better time of year to get all the things you need then after you receive that pre Christmas deposit into your account. I always budget a lump of my December pay for January sales shopping. And with all those parties, events and family ‘do’s’, who wants to be restricted by their poor spending decisions.

I hope this has provoked some thought about how you could tackle this Christmas a little differently, and feel the benefit, mentally and financially. Tag a friend who could use this advice, it’s not too late (or early!) to get started!

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