What’s better than Chocolate? FREE Chocolate! Get it now!

I was having one of those nights where I didn’t want to get up and cook, and couldn’t be bothered to walk to the shop because the weather all day had been threatening to chuck it down. So, my solution for dinner was good old crackers & cream cheese.

my enthusiasm to brave the potential rainstorm however, did a COMPLETE 180 when I found a free chocolate bar online, and not even a little one, Dairy milk 110g! Suddenly my bum had never got up off the sofa so fast, threw on my coat and proceeded to mission to the Sainsbury’s local at the top of my road at lightening speed.

The bar was on offer with website/app Shopmium which rewards you for trying new things, with either discounted prices or in some cases for free. It works by paying you cashback on the products you have purchased, once you have provided the receipt for the product. Good news non UK readers, international versions are available!

Me about to inhale the free choccie.

I have heard mixed stories of cashback sites before, some receiving praise and others seeming so hard to build the cashback it’s not worth it. But, this site is after testing, extremely straightforward and easy to use. It is not complicated, longwinded or set up to make you fail at receiving your money back.

If you join Shopmium (and there really is no reason not to), you can also get an additional bar of Lindt Chocolate for free with my code: ag7be

Instructions on how to enter your code below:

Once you’ve completed your registration, click on the ‘welcome, we have a surprise for you’  banner and enter the code for the free Lindt bar 😉

One feature I really like is that you can scan the product in store in your app to make sure it is the eligible product, so you can’t buy the wrong thing and then be told it wasn’t the right size or version. You’ve got options to be paid back through Paypal or direct to your bank account.

Proving your purchase is also a process that takes seconds, all you need to do is scan the product through your phone camera, and then picture the receipt to prove you’ve purchased it- AND DONE! Free stuff, hurraaaahhh!

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