Stockpiling: Not just for war bunkers & extreme couponers.

I guess this is where the proof that my desire to save really is hereditary. Go into my Nans second fridge, and at any one time you’ll find multiple blocks of cheese- enough to keep my grandparents going for the year if they ever can’t make it to Tesco.

thAV21Z5BOAnyhow, today I’m going to talk about stockpiling, and while sounds extreme (it really isn’t ) it’s what you should be doing to save time & money.Many of you probably already stockpile without thinking about it, all those tempting BOGOF & 3 for 2 offers you shove into the basket because they look like such good deals. While these offers do support stockpiling, you need to make sure it’s what you NEED, and not just because the shop tells you it’s worth buying. That BOGOF on BBQ Pringles doesn’t count, unless your storing them for a party or lunchboxes, then I’ll allow it.

So, when and what should you stockpile? I stockpile many things I know I will need to buy in future, from mascara, tights, to room fresher & chopped tomatoes. Here is why:

  • It will save you time– If you know your going to have to pick it up again in a few months time, why bother with the extra trip?
  • It will save you money – Utilising those muli-buys for things you really need and use regularly will prevent you ever having to pay full price for it. I’ve not bought a full price mascara in about 5 years.
  • It will save you money (part 2!)  – It’s not only multi-buys or discounted items you should stockpile. I stockpile my skincare, which isn’t a budget brand. I do it at a time of year when they gift or if I’m abroad and it’s cheaper.

Stockpiling your everyday essentials will also save you money, because panic buying is an expensive habit. Run out of deodorant? Your not likely to wait until you can get to Savers to replace it! You will buy the first can you can get your hands on, and very often it’s not the best price.

th0LKBD32L‘Holiday season’ is a great time to stock pile, because there are so many offers around. All that cheap chocolate can be bought in advance for birthdays, Valentines, Mothers day  and at a more reasonable price. Sales is when I stockpile my fragrance for the year ahead. Get to know when offers on the things you buy and plan for those purchases.

I have a whole drawer In my room just for stockpiled items so I never run out. Stockpiling is not just for extreme coupon-ers who have the equivalent of a local convenience store on their home. It’s not for filling up your basement just in case North Korea do kick off. It’s a very practical and effective method of saving time and money that anybody can do.

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