There’s no such thing as a free lunch (Part 2)

While going to collect our free Café Nero hot chocolate last Tuesday afternoon, which has now become something of an office tradition, we noticed that a new branch of Honest Burgers was about to set up shop next door.

‘We have to have burgers for lunch when it opens’, said Alice excitedly. To which I nodded, but told her lets wait until they announce when it opens- they are bound to do a deal to try and drum up business! I remember when EAT opened up they were giving away free Bacon rolls, and most places run some kind of offer to tempt the locals in.

Sure enough, a few days later I come in to an email from Alice simply saying FREEEEEEEEE. I scroll down to read the chain below, and as predicted the branch were offering free meals as an opening offer. I responded to Alice, ‘my favourite F word’ and asked when we were going!

But, to my disappointment, the email had hit my inbox too late- when I clicked the link to book my table for free munch, I discovered all the slots had already been taken.

To be honest (see what I did there!), this is about a deal I just missed out on. But, my instinct was right on the money and rather than it being a story about a free lunch I didn’t get, I thought it was a tale worth telling as 10s/100s of people DID get a free lunch over those few days. No catch, just making the most of a promotional opportunity.

Moral of the story is: if you see somewhere new opening up, keep your finger on the pulse and watch what opening deals you can get your hands on- you really can get something for nothing.

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