The forgotten book shop (The library!)

I don’t read much fiction, and in fact I don’t read quite as much as I should. But, I have made it a goal to increase how much I read and how much I learn. Our brains are just like any other part of our body, if we stop using them they start to waste away. And I’m pretty sure judging by the viewing figures this summer for Love Island, there are plenty of brains out there due a workout.

After deciding that reading shouldn’t just be for when you go on holiday, I started scouting Ibooks for interesting reads. I really enjoy popular psychology and science stuff, I digress…

Given that the price of a ‘book’ on Ibooks, is pretty much the same as what you pay in a shop for a real one, I don’t really see much sense in buying it. I mean, yes it is a file that you can keep forever, but the majority of us read things just once. So, what’s the solution if you want to read something but don’t want to waste your money? That forgotten book cupboard, the library.

I don’t know why so many of us associate the library with students and people who just want to use the computer for an hour. It Is really the money saving readers best friend. My library even lets you log on to an online system, where you can search and reserve any book on their catalogue, even if it’s in another library for collection. Yes, you might need to wait a little while, but if you plan ahead you can always read something else in the mean time. I’ve even got a Tesco clubcard sized fob so I can take out books on a self service scanner.

I really do think libraries are becoming an underused resource, one we may even lose in the future if we don’t make the most of them. If you really want to read the book again, you can always take it out again. I know some people don’t like having a time limit, but I do- it encourages me to get on and read it, and you can always renew it online if you need a little longer.

So forget wasting your cash in Waterstones, why would you buy it when you can read it for free?

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