Yellow sticker life: living on reductions

In the short time I’ve been blogging, I decided to set up an Instagram account to go along with my ramblings and live post deals and bargains when I come across them so more of you can take advantage. In the process I’ve been following other savy savers and to be honest, have received so much inspiration (and comfort, knowing I’m not alone in my penny pinching insanity).

Now, I’ve always been a fan of good yellow sticker bargain, but there are people online that put me to shame with what they manage to bag- and prove it is perfectly possible to eat well on a yellow sticker diet at a fraction of the price. Combine these reductions with offers, coupons, points and gift cards and the savings are remarkable.

I went to my corner Sainsbury’s local tonight, clutching the £2.60 I had rolling around in the bottom of my bag, determined to get myself a decent meal for tonight on yellow sticker or free items only. It had just gone ‘rush hour’, so no doubt a lot of people had already bagged the obvious bargains.

Here is what I managed to get:

  • 1 x quiche at 89p (from £1.35)
  • 1 x rainbow salad at £1.09 (from £1.65)
  • 1 x carrot cake at 49p (from 79p)
  • 2 x bottles of white grape Shloer , FREE from Shopmium + cashback, (From £4.60)

So all in all I saved around £5.92 and got myself a pretty decent dinner for under £2.50. This is really nothing in comparison to the amazing deals I’ve seen online, and it has inspired me to really shop yellow sticker a little harder. I may even challenge myself to a yellow sticker only week, what do you think?

Yellow sticker tips:

  • Get to know your local supermarkets reduction times and areas, and always shop these first
  • If you see something useful, but don’t need it right now ask yourself 1 question: ‘can I freeze this?!’
  • Don’t forget to scan the shelves, supermarkets often wont move items to a reduction area until they think it is at risk of not selling
  • Always check your cashback apps before you go in for a shop, you never know what you can pick up for free!

I think the key to yellow sticker life, is not having any expectations and being fluid in what your looking to pick up. Your not always going to find what you want, but you can find good food at significantly less.

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