How to never buy a Coffee/Tea again

I’m not a Londoner, however I have lived here long enough now to recognise that a significant proportion of the population simply cannot start, or make it through the day without the aid of a caffeinated drink. Having never really enjoyed either… I don’t get it, but I do know that if I was one of those people with a hot drink habit, my bank account would be much less full. With the average cost of a hot drink anywhere between £1.50- £4 a pop, the seemingly harmless routine can work out to be an expensive little addiction (yes, it is an addiction!)

thYR2I1MACNot only are commuters caffeine mad, but I live in a part of London which is well known for its ‘café culture’, and there seems to be a new coffee shop springing up on every corner- and they are always, always full. It seems our demand for coffee is insatiable, but this also comes with a price tag.

So here is my guide to a life of hot drinks on tap at no cost to you:

  1. Utilise app freebies– I’ve spoken before about free café Nero on a Tuesday with O2. 3 also has an app called Wuntu, and with this you can pick up free Costa coffee. If you are lucky, they will stamp your loyalty card too!
  2. Join My Waitrose– a my Waitrose card entitles you to a free tea or coffee while you shop
  3. Join Ikea Family– The Ikea loyalty scheme also entitles you to free tea and coffee in store
  4. Collect McDonalds coffee bean stickers- These come on the side of hot drink cups, and with every 7 you get a free drink. You don’t even need to buy 7- you can just pinch the bean stickers off cups others have left behind- don’t be embarrassed, the person who bought it didn’t want it!
  5. Look out for Metro newspaper coupons– Recently the metro run a free Café Nero offer printing a code for their app.

Granted, I may not have swayed the coffee connoisseurs or hard-core addicts with my solutions, but it is possible to grab coffee on the high street, and never have to pay for it again. So, next time your mate asks you to go for a coffee, or your gagging for a fix, head to one of these and keep the cash in the bank. For those who would like to thank me with a free drink, i’m a hot chocolate girl 😉

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