5 budget beauty buys below £4 I can’t live without

‘You get what you pay for’- a statement I often hear made about beauty & skincare products, especially facial ones. Now, I would like to challenge that statement. Having managed a beauty department in a major heath and beauty chain store that shall remain nameless, and also having managed on a premium make up counter- I’ve tried my fair share of products.

Yes, it is true- I do buy some branded skincare and make up products that are less than cheap, however I only buy these when I feel that there is no cost effective alternative that I’ve found to deliver the same or comparable results (and also in duty free/ on a discount code/ some other way of not having to pay full whack!)

So, today I thought I would share with you my top 5 beauty buys that are tried and tested, some for many many years that I feel deliver results way above their price tag.

  1. eyelinerCollection 2000 fast stroke liquid eyeliner in black, £2.99 – I have been wearing this for pretty much the last 15 years and I’m sure it’s been that price the entire time too! It’s black, stays put, easy to control applicator & you can pick up 3 for £6 on a 3 for 2 that will last you all year. If you prefer a pen style applicator, L’Oréal perfect slim superliner is great, but won’t last as long and is more pricey.
  2. thXWLIIWE0Boots essentials eye make up remover in Cucumber, £1.50 – I have sensitive skin and this stuff doesn’t irritate at all. Also, I’m not having to scrub my eyelashes off to get it to actually work- which I seem to have to do with most other products. Also one to stockpile on 3 for 2’s.
  3. thOS6AUXKWEssence all about matte powder, £3 – This stuff really was a find, after seeing it recommended in a Vlog by a beauty You-Tuber I gave it a whirl. I’ve always hated powders due to having dry skin, but it doesn’t cake up and it takes away shine and sets like a dream. You can pick this up in Wilko stores.
  4. jasmin oilKTC jasmine hair oil, £1.29 or KTC coconut oil, £1.49 –  Tipped off about 3 years ago by a lovely Thai student of mine who recommended this after talking to her about hair breakage. Worked 1000 times better than any premium hair product I panic purchased at the time of said damage occurring (Kerastase repair serum had nothing on this). Never looked back. I used to get this in Superdrug, but only after drafting this have I noticed they’ve discontinued- I stockpiled so still haven’t run out. You can find it online still here: Hair oils
  5. thIYGEX6S9Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 eyeshadow palette, £4 – This palette is one of many from budget beauty saviours Makeup Revolution that I own. Their shadows are such good quality for what you cough up. With 12 shadows, this particular palette is one I use almost every day, but even if you only used a few shades, it would still work out cheaper than buying individuals elsewhere.

So, for less that the price of what you probably spent on your last foundation, all of this could be yours. I have repeat purchased these products again and again and will probably continue to do so unless I find better and cheaper alternatives- is that even possible?! Give them a go, and let me know what you think. What have you got to lose, the price of a meal deal at worst.

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