Mcdonalds for less than £2 every time

Yes, it isn’t good for you & yes it’s not the most expensive indulgence, but why pay full price when you can get it for less?

Everybody’s favourite guilty pleasure even gives discount on their food, and if you know where to look- there’s no need to ever pay full price again. I’ve been tracking this for some time now, and have been stashing coupons for maybe the last 2 years. So I can count on my hand the times I’ve paid full whack for my quarter pounder and fries (am I the only one that thinks the bread in a Big Mac is a waste of space?!).

If you live in a fairly large city or town, chances are you can pick up a copy of The Metro newspaper at your station each morning for free, and while I never read it as it only ever tells me about yesterdays news that I’ve already read the night before, it has its uses.

McDonalds regularly print vouchers, like those displayed here offering a burger and fries for £1.99, and with the standard price being anywhere between £4-£5 it’s around a 50% discount at worst. While I am not endorsing you increase your intake of Maccy D’s, these vouchers are awesome for keeping ‘in your back pocket’, for when you travel, in an emergency or you just want a cheap meal.

I have noticed there is a pattern to when they print too, although this may be subject to change, but it seems to be on Tuesdays & Thursdays. I have also seen coffee offers, and Burger King vouchers in the Metro too, so even if you have no interest in what happened in the world 24 hours ago- pick it up because there is free money on the pages.

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