Stretching out without stretching the budget

In the last 6 months I’ve suffered with pain after a flirtation with running, and while initially I was OK with it, I managed to sustain a hip injury as only I could. I use the word running loosely, in reality it’s more like a wounded animal limping to safety, but that’s neither here nor there. After attending Physio, I learned that I have damaged my tendons as my muscles are not strong enough to cope with it for long periods. After my appointment 2 things crossed my mind:

A) maybe running isn’t for me?

B) Maybe if  I stretched and strengthened a little more then I could go back and attempt it once more and come out the other side a little bit better off.

Despite A being the easiest to accept, I decided that B was probably the more sensible approach long term so committed to completing my Physio exercises. Whilst browsing on the website for my local area, I found an advertisement for a free ‘stretch works’ taster class, where you basically complete controlled stretching for an hour to strengthen and lengthen and relax you muscles. Given my current state of dilapidation I thought I would be worth a try, after all there was nothing to lose.

I did enjoy the class, and really could feel my muscles being stretched out and challenged. I  came to learn after the class that the lady who runs it trained professional dancers, athletes and premiership footballs how to stretch properly. At £15 a session, It was well worth attending, and if you are savy enough, especially living in a city you could pick up freebies like this on the regular. As with gyms, independently run classes will often offer free taster sessions to get you interested in the hope you will come regularly.

Even if you found 2 sessions a month, that’s 2 nights of expensive classes for free, 2 nights of activity and 2 nights of trying something new. I’ve learnt over the last few weeks especially, freebies are everywhere, its just knowing how to look for them.



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