West end shows at Southend prices!

I’ve always had a thing for musicals, ever since I was little. I’m sure I probably played my grandparents video copies of The Sound of Music & The King & I to death as a child, and I do love to see a live performance just as much. The issue is … the cost. If you want a night out at the theatre it can cost you an arm and a leg.

With average ticket prices anywhere between £40 – £75 and beyond, it’s not surprising that this isn’t an activity we indulge in quite as often as we would like to. It’s certainly not something you would consider doing on a whim. But, it doesn’t need to be that way.

You can in fact get some great deals on theatre performances, and at this time of year with the Panto season about to kick off, the theatre industry booms. If you live in and around London, the following tips may be a little easier- but even if your planning to travel in for a show, you could still make a significant saving following the tips below:

  1. Book mid- week show dates : Tickets for Monday- Wednesday shows are ALOT cheaper, I’ve just picked up tickets to see Annie at £20pp plus booking.
  2. Book in advance:  you won’t get the best deal booking on the day with these kind of events, as it gets booked up- prices will inflate.
  3. Avoid holidays & pay day week: Theatres, like airlines, know exactly when you get your cash and exactly when you are likely to spend it. Buck the trend and save your bucks.
  4. Check for Dinner & Theatre deals on discount sites: Lastminute.com have a deal offer for Dinner & Thriller live, for £30 – which is amazing & this includes Sunday shows!
  5. The globe theatre do £5 tickets for performances, I’ve been to see Romeo and Juliet for a fiver. A word of warning, it is a standing ticket- but it adds to the experience. If you really don’t want to stand, try taking  a pop up stool!

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