5 Unnecessary city break expenses

Who can resist a city break? With budget flights and good forward planning you can do a city break for well under £100 a person – but its often those ‘extras’ that really do push up the price of travelling.

So how can you plan that city break, and not blow the bank. Here’s some of my favourite ways to save when jetting off for a few days:

The deadly minis

1) DONTbuy travel miniatures – Yes, you know those cute, dinky strategically placed tiny carbon copies of your favourite products? Avoid! They are the biggest rip off going. You have more than enough room in your liquids bag for toiletries and make up for a few days if you fill travel bottles ahead of time. They may be 3 for 4 or whatever, guess what’s 0 for 0? your shampoo you already have at home! Invest £1 in empty travel bottle sets in Primark.

2) DONT buy plane/ airport food – I have been known to make a sausage sandwich for my morning train ride to the airport the night before. The only food I get in the airport, is paid for with Boots points, and that’s a meal deal for the flight/ when I land.

3) DON’T buy drinks when your out and about- You know that empty water bottle from your free meal deal? This will serve you well for the next few days. Either brave the tap water, or I you want to play it safe with bottled, fill it up each day before you set out. It will save you getting stung at tourist traps.

4) DON’T pay card charges – As much as I despise carrying cash, and I really do- I never use my card abroad. Not only may you get stung with a crappy conversion rate, but a lot of cards will charge you a foreign currency fee for conversion, and a fee for withdraws. I also never exchange cash in the UK. instead, I use a travel money card which I load in pounds and spend in the local currency. you can spend off the card or withdraw at a cashpoint and not get stung with awful fees. This is also a lot safer than carrying round wedges of dosh. Do your research, these can be loaded again and again

5) DO investigate transfer options before you fly – Now you will have to pay for this, but don’t leave it to chance when you land at the airport. While many cities are well connected with public transport, the last thing you want to waste cash on is a taxi when you could have got a bus for a snip of the price.

Local buses and public transport are usually always the cheapest option, but where these are not available try shared shuttles. Some good sites for transfers are:

Mass sun destinations – Hoppa.com    Eastern & central Europe city destinations: Go Opti

I know all of these things seem pretty minor, but it can easily add another £30-£50 and up each to the cost of your trip, and that’s money that could be saved or spent on memories and not disposables.

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