Deal update: up to 40% off benefit cosmetics!

Here’s a great deal for those who use Benefit products regularly (or knows someone who does who is due a gift, wink wink!)

Debenhams online are offering 10% off Benefit items, which is a decent discount in itself. However, if you purchase 3 items, they will give you an additional 33% Discount on the whole transaction- equating to a massive 40% off. You’re really not likely to find these items any cheaper than that. Don’t need 3 items? This is a great opportunity to stock pile (see my post on stockpiling here). If you use 1 product all the time, then its worth buying and stashing for later!

Example: I use Boing concealer, which retails at £17.50. I know when it runs out, I will buy another. So if I buy 3 at once, with 40% discount applied I will pay £10.50 an item, saving me £21 on something I would have to purchase eventually anyway.

Example Transaction

Give it a go, and don’t forget to share this deal with friends so they can Benefit, too!

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