Why you should get FREE Amazon prime TODAY

Not all subscriptions are all they are cracked up to be, and many are really not worth what you pay out for them if you consider what you get for your money vs how much you use the service.

I would probably, for me – include Amazon prime in this category. I just don’t buy enough stuff to really make it worthwhile, and I certainly don’t watch enough stuff either. So why am I telling you to get it?

Amazon famously offer a 1 month free trial on their prime service to attempt to attract and hook potential customers who are shopaholics, watchaholics or will forget to cancel. For the second year running now I have utilised this offer at this exact point in the year, and for good reason

  1. Black Friday – if you have something you know you need to get and your tracking prices, this will come in handy to speedily dispatch your Black Friday bargains
  2. Christmas shopping. Let’s be honest, trawling the high street is tedious and its bloody cold! You can get your shopping sent to your door or to an Amazon locker by work so you don’t have to.

thNYQ9DLTSFor high value or larger stuff, i’m a fan of the lockers. Everyone knows someone who has had an Amazon parcel stashed in a weird place or ‘delivered’ but not delivered and these illuminate that issue.

You can find your nearest locker location on the site, to see if it’s convenient for you.

The free trial seems to work with a new email address, so just use a different one to set it up, and don’t forget to cancel it just before your 30 days elapses. Voila, free delivery of your Xmas and sales shopping. No dragging your bags past everyone on the bus/tube/train. No dislocated shoulders, just time and money saved.

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