Reverse season shopping: £85 of clothes for £23

The run up to Christmas seems like a bizarre time to be thinking about bikinis and denim shorts, that is unless your Christmas is going to be spent in Oz or the Caribbean. But, if you get into the swing of reverse season shopping, it can really save you a lot on money.

Around this time of year, the summer sales have been and gone, and nobody is thinking about summer holidays because they are all hitting the shops to buy the gloves and scarves I probably bought in June. Because nobody is thinking about buying flip flops, you’ll be surprised at the complete bargains you will pick up online as retailers slash prices knowing full well, next summers stock will be arriving in about 2 months time.

Here’s some examples, in case you don’t believe me:

I’ve been doing this for some time, and unless your precious about wearing ‘this season’ clothing, it really can bring down the cost of your clothes shopping. Retailers sell things are higher prices when they know they can, because peoples brains shop in season.

Give it a go, and start stashing for the year ahead.

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