Why New year’s resolutions are a waste of time

OK – this is a little off topic, but something I feel strongly about none the less. I guess I can link it back to saving (watch me!)

I suppose when was a lot younger I did subscribe to the idea of New year’s resolutions, mostly because it was something that people expected you to have or to do ‘what’s your New year’s resolution’ is a question I hear asked to this day.

Except now my reply isn’t ‘I’m going to get fit’ or ‘I’m going to tidy up every day’- because I have come to the conclusion that New year’s resolutions are just one big waste of time. I don’t believe this because I am perfect, or I don’t believe in goal setting- I absolutely do believe you should set goals to strive towards.

I guess my problem is more with the timing and the kinds of resolutions people set. Quite often people’s resolution revolve around something they are unhappy with that they would like to change. My response to that is, if you know you are unhappy with it, why are you waiting for a New Year to change it? Why are you not doing something now. Chances are, if you can’t be bothered to change something that is wrong with your life now when you know you’re not content with it, why will a turning of the year make the blindest bit of difference to your motivation?

So, if you are sat there thinking ‘I’ll start my saving next year, I’ll stop shopping at the corner shop and start doing proper shops in the New Year’ Don’t wait. Do it now.

I’m all for targets, but if something isn’t right, and you know it- delaying change is only delaying happiness.

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