Why I travel 100 miles for a haircut

I’ve now been living in London for nearly 7 years, and out of the estimated 28 haircuts I’ve probably had in that time (based on my 3/4 month average!) , I can count on a few fingers how many of them were done here in the capital. This week I again find myself making that 200 mile round trip, which I have been known to do on the same day, for the quarterly coif. ‘Your mad’ .. I hear regularly when I tell this tale, but to me it makes perfect sense.  A cautionary & money saving tale lies ahead.

Here’s my story…

I’ve been going to my hairdresser since before I moved to London. I came across them when one of my colleagues at the time had lovely hair, so I asked her where she went. When I made the move to London I never really gave any consideration to where I would get my hair done. I really should have, as I’ve always hated putting my hair in the hands of someone new, especially as it’s so long most hairdressers seem to want to hack it off (don’t ask me why!)

So for the first few years, more out of fear than anything else- I continued to get my hair done back at home. It was the safe option, and also the cheaper option, with services coming in at half the price they are here. It never seemed like to much of a hassle as I would tie the appointment in with visiting family. I pay a little over £70 for a half head of highlights with cut & blow dry.

Heres the prices in my local salons for cheapest versions of the same service:

You get the idea. My hairdressers in Bournemouth charge me just over half this, ( Links here to their info –  Instagram  Facebook  Becky does mine, and i’m never disappointed)

About 3 years in to my time here in London, I had just come back from holiday and really couldn’t be arsed to travel all the way back. I decided to ‘risk’ it with somewhere new. Given it was a Toni & Guy, and not that cheap I would have expected them to know their way around a head of hair… how wrong was I.

All seemed fine for a few weeks, except for the fact my purse was noticably lighter for indulging in the convenience. It wasn’t until a few weeks down the line I noticed it snapping off along my parting. Horrified and in a panic, I went back. They seemed equally perplexed and acted like they had no idea what had happened. All they did was whack a conditioning treatment on it, the reality was they had fried my hair  with a bleach that was too strong, and heat, and there was no going back.

After this, I made a concious decision to just continue going back home for my hair. My hairdressers have never messed it up, always listen to what I want & never try to sell me stuff I don’t need. They have always done the best thing for my hair, and not their pocket (they didn’t dye it for a while after the damage, gave me dry cuts etc.).

Until this experience, I had always been quite flippant about my hair. I never did anything special with it in terms of treatments or products. How this changed. It took around 3-4 years for that damage to grown down to fully blend and look healthy again- and my hair grows FAST. I now make sure I don’t use too much heat on it and soak it in coconut/jasmine oil every other day : link here to my budget beauty essentials post.

To this day, I make the 200 mile trip home to my hairdressers. Not only because I know that they know what to do with my hair, but I’m not paying ridiculous prices to risk my hair with a new hairdresser each time in London. Even if you have no issues with ‘hairdresser fear’ – If you have a good hairdressers back in your hometown that’s considerabily cheaper, why don’t you try the same thing. You could literally save £100’s a year….. and it’s a good excuse to go home and visit.

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