How to crack sale shopping: 5 top tips

This is on of my favourite times of year, and not because I get to eat lots or i’m thinking about what I will get under the tree. It’s sale season!

Now, before you go mad with your January pay packet, firstly read my post which explains how not to be broke in January. If it’s already too late down the line for you, then here are my top tips for tackling the sales, tactically!

  1. Set your budget– Now, I save every month, except for December- not because I have presents to buy as I have already finished. What I would have saved in a typical month becomes my sale shopping budget. I can justify this gap in saving, as the amount I will save on what I buy will mitigate what I would have spent on the cost of items at full price over the course of the year.
  2. Identify what you need – Yes people, what you NEED, not want. Work on this list before you get tempted to stray on impulse purchases. Make a list and this should form the basis of what you plan to purchase. ‘Wants’ can follow, if you’ve been good with your budget!
  3. Pre-shop – When I say pre-shop, what I mean is do your research. This could be having an idea of what the items on your list usually retail for so you can assess how good deals actually are. If it’s for example, a coat on your list- then go into the shops and have a look and try on of coats your interested in. This saves trauling shops and listings, and you’ll already know if it suits you!
  4. Note down item codes– Now, this will realy save you time, especially in the next stage. If there is an item you have your eye on hoping it will drop in price, note down the item code! This will allow you to find it immediatly on a search, instead of scrolling through an entire sales catalogue.
  5. Online first, in store later– I always hit online first, most sites switch to sale on Xmas eve, if not earlier. This will allow you to search specifically what you want (see point 4) quickly, and you wont be fighting crazed hungover shoppers who have been queing since 4am on Boxing day. After I have tackled online, I will browse the shops.

I hope this helps you make the most of the sales, and minimised the time you spend trauling, returning and later regretting what you’ve bought when your deep into January!

I would love to hear if you used any of these methods and how they went for you,  good luck little spenders!


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