Same store swapouts. 5 everyday items you’re overpaying for!

Hey little spenders! It’s been a while..

I’ve been meaning to do this post for some time now, and theres really no reason why it hasn’t happen except I keep forgetting to take pictures for it!

I just wanted to share with you how you can find everyday essentails for less, and not only that- you don’t even need to leave the shop to get more for your money.  I know the super savy amoungst us, or just downright obsessed (like me) will already be doing everything in their power to keep the coins in their bank. You guys don’t need my advice.

But, for the average shopper amoungst us, who is looking for easy solutions, this one should be right up your street. You’re just down the wrong ailse.

You see, most of us shop logically, and what I mean by that is you have in mind what product you need and what you are going to use it for. The retailers massivley take advantage of this to hike the prices in certain ailse, when you could pick it up for signifiantly less elsewhere in the same store.

Here are 5 easy swap-outs on popular everyday items that will save you money, with next to no extra effort.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil exploded on to the health the beauty scene recently, and is an all rounder. Now logically if you wanted it, you would head to the cooking fats or even to the hair products. Don’t do either. Go to the world food ailse, where it will not only be cheaper, but you’ll get it in a larger quanity. Double save! Obvious ailse: 3.95 for 300ml Alternative ailse: £2.45 for 500ml

Baking chocolate

I never really understood why you need special chocolate for baking with (if anyone does let me know?) I have never used it and always bought standard chocolate, nobody has complained about my brownies to date. Don’t pick it up with your flour and sprinkles, go to the confectionary ailse. Obvious ailse: £1.70 for 150g   Alternative ailse: £1.10 for 200g

Milk alternatives

Milk alternatves have increased in popularity x100 over the last year alone. Even I have switched to them, not for ethical or health reasons but my belly just doesn’t seem to like normal milk anymore. You can pay a premium for these, however. Don’t pick them up in the dairy ailse, instead get them in the dry goods ailse with the long like milk. Not only will it be less, but you won’t need to rush to use it. Saving again. Obvious ailse: £1.50 per litre   Alternative ailse: £1 per litre

Cotton pads

Now, I would NEVER pay even the cheaper of these 2 prices for cotton pads, but, as I said, if you want a simple swap out or are in a rush and need them ASAP- do not buy them in the cosmetics ailse. The exact same product can be seen here 3 metres away for 85p less in the baby products ailse. Obvious ailse: £1.99 for 100   Alternative ailse: £1.15 for 100

Fruit juice

Much like the milk alternatives, if you drink ‘from concentrate’ fruit juices- I see no reason to pay at best 15-20p a litre more just because the supermarket has chilled it for me. I don’t taste a difference, and if you can’t either, pick it up in the drinks ailse.Obvious ailse: 75p for a litre  Alternative ailse: 90p per litre

I hope this post has enlighened you, helped you to save or just entertained. If you have any great tips for same shop swapouts I would love to hear about them!

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