Getting paid to shop: Volume 1

Today’s volume of getting paid to shop, I want to talk about caskback and how you can get paid to purchase items you would be buying anyway, be it houmous or holidays – almost anything you buy online is elligable for cashback . I’m going to take a look at 3 easy sites that will pay you just for going about your business.

How do they work?

clCash back sites work by tracking your click through to the retailers website using the link they have imbedded in their site which directs you there. Through this they can track your purchase, and will credit you an agreed % of the value of your transaction back. it’s that simple.

What’s the catch?

thU7CQVU45Why would retailers agree to letting a cashback site give you a discount on the purchasing of their products, and how does this effect you? Advertising is expenisive, and doesn’t always lead to a purchase. Being featured on a cashback site encourages you to purchase from the retailer, and the cashback site will be rewarded by the retailer for bringing them traffic which results in spending customers. None of this effects how much you pay, or the service you recieve!

Where do I sign up?!

Topcashback – This site is international, so if you’re reading from outside the UK, you’re still going to benefit from this.  You can search by retailer at the top of their page or browse by catagory.


A great feature of topcashback is the ‘free cashback’ tab, where you can earn cashback by clicking links or signing up for free items. This could be anything from registering on a particular website, or signing up for free trails or services.



You can cash out your earnings via BACS, Paypal or a huge choice of giftcards which will increase the value of your cash out, depending which you choose.

Quidco (You’ll get £5 for signing up on this link) –  This one is a UK based site, much like Topcashback. You have a choice of how you want to recieve your cashback; in to your bank, Paypal or Amazon giftcard.


Lloyds Bank

If you bank with Lloyds, you can sign up to automatic cashback deals which will trigger when you spend in the retailers you choose to activate. Don’t forget to come back regularly and activate offers. I just activate everything so I know I won’t miss an opportunity.





  • Always check before you purchase anything online if you can do it through a cashback link
  • Check each cashback site, and make sure you do it through the site that offers you the best percentage
  • If you can purchase as a new user, do! Most sites will offer a better rate if you are a ‘new’ customer, and by new, it could just be on a different email address.
  • Check for exceptions that may block your cashback, for example, use of a certain discount code may make your purchase unelligable for cashback. Always make sure you weigh up the best option if it’s between a discount or a cashback payment.

Many of you may be familier with cashback websites, and have heard of them even if you arn’t using them. My big question is, if you are not using them, then why not? I realy is next to no effort, and money for nothing.

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