To Thrift or not to thrift? That is the question…

Over the last 6 months or so I have been on a little bit of a mental journey when it comes to thriftiness, and although I have (just about) managed to keep my instagram ticking over, I have really neglected sharing my thoughts on here.

Anybody who knows me, or who follows my instagram will be well aware of my desire to save & do everything possible on a budget. But when is being ‘thrifty’ not being thrifty at all?

Let’s look at the definition of thrift & what it actually means:

the quality of using money and other resources carefully and not wastefully.


Being thifty for me is not about a debt free journey (although I respect fo many it is) or proving I can live life on the bare minimum & make it work. It is a life style by which you choose to do exactly as the definition says : use money & resources in a careful & unwastefull way – or for me, it’s called being a responsible adult.

I think we have a tendancy to always think about being thifty as a money thing, and we forget that it also means using our other resources to the best of our abilities. The most valuable of these undoubtably being time. While I am all for cutting back, being smarter at how you spend & reusing/ recycling as methods to help reduce outgoings, it is important to stop and reflect on the time you are putting in to it vs benefit you are betting back out of it.

Over the last year in particular, I have dabbled in all sorts, yellow sticker shopping, online couponing, surveys, money saving/making apps, ebay reselling and have learnt some important lessons.

  1. Being extra tight with money means you’re not always being thrifty with your time
  2. Not all money saving activities are worth it
  3. Prioritise


As the saying goes : time is money.Wasting time means you are wasting chances to earn or save more money, you just need to assess which at that point in time is better return on your time, the saving or the earning & if you are chosing the activity that brings about the best result from either.

I reiterate, I fully support careful spending & side hustles – but they have to be worth it. Sometimes you need to take a step back and review if what your doing is really maximising how much money could be left in your pocket each month. So, if you are going to work then spending your life with your head in the yellow sticker bin & hours a day on apps to report your end of month ‘side hustle’ earnings when you could have been studying to enable you to increase your base income, were your actions thrifty? In the short term yes, in the long term however, i’m not so sure.

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